Tag 759 – Dear @ColourPopCo,

I am writing you, because I want to ask you a favor. But, well, this is a blog, I cannot write only one sentence, that would be blunt and boring anyway, so let me tell you my make-up story first.

Uh, now that I come to think of it: it’s ridiculously short. Because I started using make-up regularly, umm, this year. The only cosmetics product that I used daily before then was mascara. Sometimes powder. Lipstick, eyeshadow and so on were mainly for parties and business occasions, and it always annoyed me that literally all of my lipsticks would transfer everywhere and not stay on the lips, and that eyeshadow always ran into the crease and crumbled there, giving any eye make-up a very… worn look after just two, three hours. That sucked, and it kept me from using make-up more frequently and in everyday life, where I couldn’t rely on „everyone who saw me was drunk anyway, haha“. But I always had the idea, that it has to be possible to have long-lasting make-up, other people can do it, too, why not me? And when I moved from Germany to Norway, where all cosmetics are horribly expensive, I thought, I could just as well go all-in and invest in some really good stuff. 

But when I asked on Twitter (in my German bubble, that is) if people would recommend any cosmetics brand for lipstick and eye-shadow, a friend recommended your products to me and I found them at least affordable (given that I was prepared to pay a fortune), so I ordered a „trial package“ with one foursome Super Shock Shadows, and one Ultra Satin Lip and one Matte Lippie Stix, with a Pencil that fits both colors. And I was completely flashed! The colors! The consistency! And they last, and last, and last, on the lips, the eyes, just where they are supposed to stay! It was like a revelation! Consequently it did not take a long time to my next order, with more Super Shock Shadows, lip colors, blushes and highlighters. And I love them all! In a third order I got a palette of blotted lips, which have become my absolute favorite every day lipsticks.

In the last months, I have learned a lot about what suits me, by trial (and error). I would never have anticipated, that greens, gold(-ish) and browns match my blue eyes much better that blues. Or that highlighter is the best invention ever. Because I really like some glitter. Of course, whenever people ask (and they do a lot!) how I make my lipstick stay the entire day and through several meals, I tell them that it’s from ColourPop and add som extra enthusiasm and exclamation marks!!!1! And I now that several friends have become addicted to your products as well.

But then you always have so many new products, it’s awesome and great and super smart of you, because people like me who don’t really know (yet) what they like probably order all the time. So I really understand if your reaction to my letter is a mere „bwaaahahaha!“. And it won’t keep me from ordering, anyway. 

My question is: Would you marry me make a Christmas calendar? Pretty please? With sugar on top? That would be the best (early) Christmas gift ever, I imagine trial-size goodies and some of those new, fancy products, and maybe some crazy colors that I’d never buy, and… but well. You have the picture.

Think about it. You would make a fan very happy (and I’m sure, not only one).

<3 –

R. Rabe

2 Gedanken zu “Tag 759 – Dear @ColourPopCo,

  1. FrauC schreibt:

    Das ist eine tolle Idee und ich hoffe, dass es dann nächstes Jahr klappt. Für dieses Jahr hätten Sie wahrscheinlich spätestens im Frühjahr anfragen müssen…

    Halten denn die Lippenstifte WIRKLICH so gut? Ich dachte bisher nämlich auch, das liege an mir…

    Gefällt 1 Person

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